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Reusables vs. Disposables

Disposable diapers cost about 25 cents per diaper on average. Over the course of a 2 to 3 year diapering period, you will end up spending approximately $1500-2000+ on disposable diapers. If you decide to cloth diaper, a simple package of covers and flats or prefolds can cost you as little as $200 to $300, whereas easy-to-use, breathable packages of organic fitted diapers and wool covers in 2 sizes top out at just a little bit over $1000. Furthermore, if you purchase high quality, long lasting cloth diapering products, you can use them again for diapering future babies and double or even triple or quadruple your savings. Then, when you are done diapering, you can sell your well cared for, used items and recoup even more money! .

Which cloth diapers should I choose? You might wonder.

The current cloth diapering market is flooded with a wide variety of products from all over the world and in every price and quality range, and reviews are available on endless sites and blogs. Cloth diapering can become an expensive obsession as you hunt down the latest cute print or new style. If that sounds fun to you, you can have a great time trying out different products and building your “stash.”

If that scenario sounds complicated, and you want a more basic set-up and local, personal service, I am here to help. I specialize in keeping everything simple and have decided to focus on products made from high quality fabrics that are easy to launder at home. Below, I’ve listed specific brands which I have found to be affordable, useful, efficient, and durable. Durability is a huge factor when it comes to the value and eco-friendliness of a diapering product. If it only lasts for a few months, it ends up in the trash anyway. Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds are especially durable and can last for years. Furthermore, old fashioned flat diapers from OsoCozy wash well, dry quickly, and will endure extensive use and wear. Wool, if properly cared for, will also stand the test of time.

I don’t recommend all-in-one or pocket diapers. They are expensive, difficult to keep clean without harsh chemicals, and wear out quickly. An all-in-two diaper such as the Best Bottom system will give you the convenience of an all-in-one diaper during diaper changes yet will be longer lasting and easier launder.

During a diaper demonstration, I can show you how to group products together into a functional system that will work for you, and set you up with the perfect package for your needs. My goal is for you to choose a system for diapering that you think is easy and comfy for your baby that you will actually want to use.

I highly recommend diapers and covers by the following companies because of their eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing policies and product durability:


Best Bottom




In addition to the above products that I have chosen to promote, I would also like to draw attention to two local cloth diaper artisan seamstresses who produce high quality, functional, and adorable diapers and covers. Primm n Proper Baby Cloth Diapers makes gorgeous, premium, soft, fitted diapers from high-end fabrics including bamboo and organic cotton. 6 Bags Full makes luxurious upcycled wool and cashmere covers. Fitteds and wool are one of my favorite diaper combinations because they are easy to use, they breath to prevent heat build-up and rashes, and they don’t leak or hold on to stinky smells. With Primm n Proper Baby and 6 Bags Full, you can shop locally and receive some of the very best products available on the cloth diaper market. Please check them out!

Primm n Proper Baby Cloth Diapers

6 Bags Full